Merrick Logistics Korea promises to always provide the best service.

We have a system that can promptly respond to any orders from our customers. Based on our experience and know-how In any environment, we provide the best and faster customs clearance service.


We carry out hand-carry service for first-time transportation and very important (valueable) cargo transportation. Hand-carry service is a COB (Currier on Board) service in which courier carries the cargo directly, carries it on the aircraft with the fastest departure time, carries it to the destination country, and carries out the customs clearance and delivery directly after arrival.

In addition, Maverick provides fast, accurate and safe door-to-door service through business alliances with local customs agencies and transporters in China and Vietnam, where customs clearance is difficult.

Please check product details, delivery schedule, etc., and contact us.

China / Vietnam Express Guide

China Express service

  • Customs clearance is the key.
  • To receive cargo in China, you must have an import license (a copy) of your company, and the recipient is the usual way to submit the original documents to three observations.
  • Many customers do not have an import license or have a lot of cargoes other than licensed products, so they can only accept cargo through customs clearance.
  • Maverick has door-to-door service in cooperation with local customs agency in China.

Vietnam Express service

  • The characteristic of cargo to Vietnam is that many issues of customs clearance occur.
  • Maverick allows you to optimize your aircraft and ship route.
  • It is possible to shorten transportation time by simplifying customs duties of local import / export companies.
  • Maverick provides fast, accurate, and secure door-to-door service through a partnership with local customs brokers and transporters in Vietnam.