Meverick Logistics Korea is always committed to providing the best service.

It will become an emotional logistics company that leads to new changes and challenges in the global era.

We provide the shipping and delivery of goods and freight forwarding companies to our clients and ships, and are specialized shipping carriers that aim for international logistics services that are optimized for international logistics services, such as the customized shipping solution, which is not tied to the specific needs of our customers.

Through the years of Global Logistics, our employees provide the most effective and innovative logistics service to our customers through work experience with airline, shipping, customs, customs, and overseas partners.

All of our employees will strive to be responsive, responsive and responsive to the needs of our customers, anytime, anywhere, based on the need for differentiated, instant accurate, and secure and secure values for the needs of our customers.

In the future, we will become a better supplier of our overseas business and become more efficient with the success of our overseas business by establishing a better logistics infrastructure and becoming an advanced logistics company.

Thank you very much.

Maverick Logistics Korea co., Ltd.
representation Bae Kyung Man